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Give A Little Bit by Supertramp - Mandolin Chords/Lyrics - Guitar Instructor
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Chords and lyrics website?
I know a lot of good places to get tabs and chords lyrics 4 songs, but there is a special 1 im lookin 4. i have no idea what it is called, but you can type in what key you want your song in and it will transpose it for you. if you no the like for this plz post it asap!Can anyone give me Mandolin Tablature or Chords to the song classy girls by The Lumineers?
I cant find any tabs for this and its really bugging me. please help.. REMEMBER: i need these tabs for mandolin thank youMandolin and guitar ??? Help!!?
Okay, so I wrote this song, and I want to put music to it ASAP, but my friend currently has my guitar, so if I write music on the mandolin, do I need to transpose to the guitar? I keep them both in standard tuning, if that helps. I just need help because something good may go to sh!t, and I don't want to have to write it twice Help?!How to play chords on guitar?
Hi! I'm not a new musician but I'm new to chords and music overall without sheet music and such. I know you could say "do it by ear" but that's not exactly my forte. I'm trying to play Golden Slumbers as my first non-fingerstyle guitar song and I'm having trouble reading the chords. Do I just play the chord once, let it go throughout, or keep strumming it until the next chord? Do I play individual strings? Help I'm confused thanks. Here's the link to the song I'm learning: chord question? (sorry for all the guitar questions)?
I was working on the song boulevard of broken dreams by green day for guitar. I found a version on ultimate One of the chords is E/D. I have No idea how to play this.. i thought it might be a split chord but i really don't know. If your wondering this chord comes with the lyrics "till then i walk alone" and the chord is on "alone". HOw do I play this?? thanks.

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