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Guitar Barre Chords for 5th and 6th strings : Guitar playing : Pinterest : Guitars, Mandolin and ...
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How difficult is it to learn how to play the Mandolin?
A friend of mine is an accomplished Mandolinist. (is that a word? lol) He has on many occasion encouraged me to learn the instrument. I have limited musical experience, having only played the trumpet in middle school. How difficult is it to learn? What is the cost of such an instrument? Should I start by learning the guitar?What are some good 80's rock songs that are pretty much just barre chords on guitar?
I've been looking for some 80's rock songs that can be played on guitar with mostly barre chords, any suggestions?Acoustic guitar help please?
What are some good acoustic guitars for bar chords. I have small fat hands and cant reach the 6th string when I try to play bar chords. I'm looking for a slim neck guitar or tips on playing bar chords. I have $700 for a new guitar. So please someone let me know a really nice slim neck acoustic guitar.Easy songs for Guitar/Mandolin that dont require noting?
I just need some simple songs that dont require noting because to me its VERY hard to note. I am the type of person that just likes to use simple chords lol and not have my fingers all over the neck of the instrument having to change them every second. :) Thanks.How on a guitar?
I am trying to learn Every Breath You Take-Police for a friend so we can play together. She is playing on the mandolin and me on the guitar. The is a part where i bar fret 1 press string 5 on fret 3 then string 4 on fret 5. I feel i dont have enough strength when i first started playing it yesterday. 1. Is there an excersise to strengthen finger for bar choards? 2. Is there an excersise to expand the reach of my fingers.

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