maiden voyage piano chords

Learn 4 Herbie Hancock Chords
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What are some easy jazz songs to learn on the piano?
I'm just started to learn piano and my sister likes to listen to jazz so, of course, I'd like to learn some easy pieces. Now I don't want it to be too easy, if you know what I mean. Thanks if you could help.A place to download (or purchase) backing chord progressions, to practice with.?
Looking for a source that has loops of progressions, in multiple keys, to practice theory, solos and what not with. Hopefully piano, if thats not too picky. Any help would be great!Can You Make a Jazz Quartet Without a Piano?
Hi, I'm putting a jazz quartet together and the guys I have are a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and I am a trombone player. Do you think this will work without the piano, or will it just fail? The guitar would be playing chords mostly anyway, but I'm quite new to jazz so some advice would be much appreciated. Thanks :)What is a good song for a beginner guitar/saxophone duo to play? any suggestions welcome :)?
Me and my friend are relatively new to the music scene in that i can play all major, minors, sevenths and minor sevenths with a few barre chords throw in on the guitar and my friend ( no idea what level he is at ) has been playing for over a year and is capable of most beginner techniques on the Sax. We both want to find a song to get us jamming together because at the moment were having trouble figuring out any song at all. thanks alot!Good jazz instrument?
I am currently playing in a high school band as a flutist in concert and pep band, and I was looking at possibly joining the jazz band. However, nobody, or at least very few people ever hear flutes in band. What instruments would you suggest that are fun to play? Difficulty of learning is no problem; I adore challenges.

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