little things ukulele tabs

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic guitar tab by The Police - Ukulele
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Can i use guitar tabs for ukulele?
like i know the chords are played differently. but can i use chords from on my ukulele? does it work out the same? or do i need to find different tabs.Anyone's got great tabs to play on the ukulele? :D?
gimme gimme, gimme moreSoprano vs. Concert ukulele?
Hey there. Lately i've been very interested in uke's and have set my mind to buying one and teaching myself how to play. But i've also been doing some research on which size I should start with. I've heard both sopranos and concerts are good sizes, but i'm torn between the two. For instance, I know concerts have a louder sound and more frets, but then again, sopranos are smaller and better for beginners .could you give me some advice? ALSO, is Laniki a good brand to start out with? AND LASTLY, is it more comfortable to play with your fingers insted of a felt pick? Thanks in advance. *LanikaiUkulele songs with very basic strumming patterns?
I just got a ukulele today. I know the basic chords (A-G, ABDEminor, A7B7C7G7), but i'm having a hard time finding songs to learn. Does anyone know of a website where I can find songs with BASIC strumming patterns? Or any songs off the top of your head? I want more than Mary had a little lamb, obviously, but i'm not ready for challenging strumming patterns.How does a standard ukulele with a capo on the first fret translate on the soprano ukulele?
I admit that I know very little about music. I'm just starting out learning the ukulele, and I'm looking for chords and tabs for songs to play on my soprano ukulele. I haven't found any specifically for the soprano ukulele, but have found tons that seem to either be just for the standard ukulele or universally applicable to all ukuleles. Anyway, I found one (for the standard ukulele) I specifically wanted to try but it said to use a capo at the first fret. Would the capo go on the first fret for the soprano too.

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