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Learn 2 chords to play 10 worship piano songs : Absolute Easy Beginners First Piano Lesson - YouTube
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How can I learn piano chords and scales quickly and easily?
I need to learn improvisational piano techniques quickly. Such as common scales ionian, dorian, lydian and such. As well as how to integrate common chords into them like major, minor, Maj7, m7, and dom7 mostly. I have no interest in proper notation nor classical arrangement (it wasn't necessary for learning guitar). And I have no time to waste on stuffy instructors(also not needed for me to learn guitar improv). I am an above average play-by-ear improvisational guitarist with a sound understanding of basic music theory. I use the CAGED method for guitar and was wondering if there is a similar system for learning piano chords and scales quickly. How quickly could I learn piano?
I have been playing guitar for around 5 or 6 years now, and I am interested in learning to play piano. Is piano easier to learn than guitar, or is it more difficult?I want to learn piano chords and improvise fluently?
How can I do that? In method books, they give you how to build them, and some little excercises to play them. But I want to memorize chords, learn how to switch between them effectively, and in the end I want to play any chord without thinking. Not just major, minor kinda beginner staff, all of them. Ps: I already know basic maj/min chords. I want a method book or website to practice. Can't afford a teacher.How to learn a complicated piano piece quickly. URGENT?
Every year in band we host a Cabaret. I'm the only piano player in band so I've been approached by a lot of people who want me to play a song with them while they sing, dance, or play another instrument. I would try to help all these people but I can only be in two acts, and I've already decided to play Sky fall on piano while a girl I know sings. Today I was asked to play in a band of a few people, and the band would be covering We are Young by FUN.. I listened to this song as I had never heard it before and I really liked it. The problem is this is complicated piece for someone like me who has never had a piano lesson in my life. Although I'm confident with time I can learn this song with time (I know how to play: Forget You, Moonlight Sonata, Someone Like You, Piano Man, and Little Talks.) but time is something I don't have. So does anyone have any tips on how to learn a daunting piano piece quickly and effectively, without sheet music as that is not an option.Easiest Way to learn piano?
Like learning piano chords and stuff @Kameron I already know a bit of music theory. I have a private music theory teacher (as I want to learn to compose) , but not a piano teacher...

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