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What is the importance of learning piano chords?
I am learning to play piano and i dont understand why do you need to know piano chords? I have sheet music and based on what note it is i know what note to push. so like what is the deal? haLearning piano/keyboard chords, Tips?
I'm trying to learn all of the piano chords, & i heard about "Rhythmic Patterns" and from what I understand, its like, all the chords you play have the same keys for every variation, ex. C major & C minor both have C,E,G & as long as you play those keys, even if the keys are "Cb,E#,Gd" Its still a C chord. So, as long I can remember 'all C chords have the keys C,E,G and nothing els' I now all the chords basically, Right?? <---- If this confused you sorry. :/How can I learn piano by chords?
I know how to play chords but how should i hit the notes e.g. i hit the chord with my left hand and then what should i do with my right? play each note separatly? thxI want to learn piano chords and improvise fluently?
How can I do that? In method books, they give you how to build them, and some little excercises to play them. But I want to memorize chords, learn how to switch between them effectively, and in the end I want to play any chord without thinking. Not just major, minor kinda beginner staff, all of them. Ps: I already know basic maj/min chords. I want a method book or website to practice. Can't afford a teacher.How do you add melody to piano chords?
So I am working on the song "Oceans" by Hillsong on the piano. I have all of the chords down perfectly. But I am only on level 2 of piano and not super advanced. How can I add the melody in between the chords? Do you just have to play around with it and do it by ear.

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