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Ukulele chords for toothpaste kisses-maccabees?
please help, love this song just cant seem to find chords! thanks!Open Question: Guitar chords to ukulele chords please help?
I need help in converting guitar chords to ukulele chords. The song is called Take Me Away by U-KISS and the guitar chords are: Intro A, F#m, A, F#m Verse A, F#m, A, F#m Pre-chorus D, Bm, D, Bm Chorus Bridge Bm, D, A, Bm D, A, G, D So far I have A is a ukulele D, G is a C, D is a G. I'm missing the ukulele chords for Bm and F#M >< Anyone willing to help, even if just a little is seriously appreciated! Thank you in advance!Kiss the girl - The little mermaid - ukulele?
What is a good strumming pattern and chords for Kiss the Girl off The Little Mermaid? I just got a ukulele and I thought this would be a perfect song to learn, and I have been looking everywhere for the chords and strumming pattern and cant find anything!! I've found plenty of videos, but none of them tell me what to do!Chords for Shirley Bassey's Kiss me honey honey (kiss me)?
Does anyone have the guitar / ukulele chords for this song pleaseDoes anyone know the ukulele chords to Tip Toe Thru the Tulips?

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