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5 Classic Easy Bass Tabs - Jellynote
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Open Question: Does anyone know where I can find piano sheet music for The Light Behind Your Eyes - My Chemical Romance?
And please not Those are guitar tabs not piano sheet.Open Question: Anyone have accurate guitar tab for Once Upon a Time in the West?
Hello, i was wondering if anyone had the accurate tab with rhythm for Once Upon a Time in the West by Dire Straits? The ones on Jellynote and Songsterr are wrong, and im not sure where else too look. Please help? Im looking for tab that preferably has the rhythm notations. Thank you!!What are the piano chords for Drive my soul by LIGHTS?
When I say chords I mean PIANO Chords NOT Guitar chords. I've been looking everywhere for the "chords" and I don't want tabs Thank you very muchSeether "the Gift" sheet music?
I'm looking for sheet music fro The Gift by Seether. Preferably for free, but I'm willing to pay for it. Also, I know this song is done with guitar, but I play piano. If you could find it with piano that'd be great. If you can't, is here a way I could do it with piano using the guitar sheet music?How do you convert musical notation to bass tablature (really need help)?
First off, if you're gonna give me answers like "use your brain" and stuff like that, just move on to the next question. Serious/sincere answers only. I've been addicted to this song for days. It's called Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) by Rata Blanca. It's an instrumental song. Only the guitar and drum tabs are available. I managed to find the sheet music to the bass lines. I only know the basics of notation like bass cleff and stuff like that. Anyways, here's the links to the song and the sheet music: The song: The only thing I was able to translate so far was this: G---------------------- D---------------------- A---------------------- E-----2----------4---- I have a website that tells me the names of the notes on the frets of my bass. Either translation into tabs or the names of the notes will help. Thanks a bunch in advance! -Mann.

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