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Piano u00bb Smooth Jazz Piano Chords - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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Cool Smooth Jazz Piano Chord?
Looking for jazzy 4 chords for a piano song for my left hand. any help? or maybe some block chords (or something like that) im sorry im a total beginnerDo you know of any cool funky jazzy chord progressions for piano?
Here's one I like know any others? 7-3-6-2-5-1-4 Progression in Eb: Bass Note .Chord Notes (right hand) 1. D C, F, Ab, C 2. G B, Eb, F, Bb 3. C Bb, D, Eb, G 4. F A, D, Eb, G 5. Bb Ab, C, Db, F 6. Eb G, C, Db, F 7. Ab G, C, Eb, G 8. Ab C, Eb, G, C (inverted previous chord)Piano Chord identification.?
Hey there everyone! First off, sorry about the category this is in, since the piano tune I'm trying to learn is very much like that you would find in a Saloon Bar, I filed it under Jazz. I'm hoping one of you can help me out here. I'm learning "The Old Saloon" by "The Lonely Island" by ear, and I've got the intro pretty much down, except for the life of me I can't figure out the chords that are played as the singing (Rapping?) starts. As far as I know the song is in D major. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agbORPlsggQ That is the link to the song in question, the piano chords I need to know are at about the 0:12 and 0:13 mark. (Just before he starts by saying "New s**t" (Warning, the song is slightly explicit so please do not hold me responsible.) Thank you in advance!I need help with G minor piano chords?
One of the well known chords in G minor with the piano is GM, E flat, B flat, F. I want the chord to go down again after the B flat instead of up, what chord do I use? I don't actually play the piano but I know what the chord would sound like, so as you can imagine it would be very hard for me to work out. This is for a composition I am making Thanks, please note all possible chords that would go down after that! I'm playing in G minor which isn't jazzy lol, but thanks :)What were popular piano chords in 1940's music that really gave songs that swinging feeling?
What were popular musical chords (that can be played on piano or guitar) in 1940's music that really gave it that swinging feeling? what scales did they use? examples Sing, Sing, Sing,- Benny Goodman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_gW0VHBbSA Love to Burn- Alex Johnson (not from the 1940's but still has that swinging jazzy feel to it.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ntI-6rre.

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