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Any good ukulele tab/chord sites about?
I have found ukulelehunt.com which has some great renditions of rock/jazz classics, great site by the way, check it out! Are there any other good sites around? Have been a guitarist for 15 years and just discovered the 'jumping flea', what an instrument!Need ukulele tabs both chords and melody for Jerome Kern's "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"?
Need music so I can print it - You Tube not helpful for that reason. Can anyone link it to me or tell me where to get it? Thanks! Soprano uke tuning, please.Ukuleles for Beginners?
Today, we went to a music store and they had some ukuleles and they look so cool. I kinda want to learn how to play one. I am thinking about investing in one, but I really don't even know where to begin. I am a female, so I hear the soprano ones I best for me. Also, I hear that Lanikai ukuleles are a good brand. Is this true? Any other brands? How much should I spend on a good quality ukulele, but not like an outrageous amount? Like, I saw a starter kit for $30, or is that too cheap? Also, it didn't say if it was a soprano or which. Does it need a turner? Also, how wide is the variety of music I can play with it? Do they have ukulele song books? Can I play famous songs or is it specific, maybe Hawaiian music? Any tips for a beginner would be awesome! Thank you. This is the link for the starter kit for $30. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160765694717#ht_1355wt_1270"Christmas time is here" ukulele CHORDS or TABS?
by Vince Guaraldi PLEASE!!! i cant find these chords or tabs anywhere. I was hopping for either a strum pattern or picking either one i would really appreciate if someone showed me or gave me a link to one PLEASE thank you so muchI need an idea of a song to play for my wonderful boyfriend?
i play the ukulele. but i can play any song on it as long as i have the guitar tabs. i want a really cute song to sing to my boyfriend. any ideas.

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