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Advanced Virtuoso Jazz guitar suggestions? (Tabs)?
I am looking for something along the lines Of Stanley Jordan. Currently Learning this track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUSJhJ78yJE I am looking for solo pieces that cover Rhythm, harmony and melody, not just lead melody. Deepest jazz gets the points!!Where can I find free jazz transcriptions (tabs) for guitar?
I've been playing guitar for several years, and now I'm trying to learn jazz - chords, scales, and a repertoire of riffs without a teacher. Can anyone give me some guidance on where to find free material on the internet? Most importantly - jazz transcriptions (via tabs), but also looking for theory material. Answer which provides me with most valuable material gets best answer. Thanks very much!Curious if anyone knows where to find Jazz guitar tabs for the beginner..?
Im a beginner guitarist. Im studying Scales at this time.. But would like to utilize what I've learned and actually play something and not just Scales. They can get boring after a while..Help figuring out arabian nights from aladdin (on guitar) - tabs, what key its in, what scale, etc?
so yea this is my first song ive tried to figure out without using tabs, so id rather you not just give the tabs. ive figured out most of the notes, but there are still there that i have no idea what they are. if you havent heard the song, here is the original - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEGlJP4X4vc so im askin musicians out there if you can maybe just listen to it and possibly tell me the scale and/or key, and any other information that would be helpful for me figuring this song out. few sidenotes, i wanna learn the main part and not the rhythm. also, i can barely, barely read music. but i know enough to figure out what notes are being played.Jazz Guitar questions?
I have 3 days to learn a lot of jazz guitar for auditions for a jazz guitar class. I've been study the chords scales modes etc. and I'm having a hard time understanding it all. Chords are a piece of cake, I've got them down. What i don't understand is modes. Can someone please explain them to me very thoroughly without using terms that a beginner would understand. I can read basic sheet music and tabs but when it comes to those 1234567 stuff it ***** up my brain and I can't handle it. Any feedback would be great.

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