harmonica tabs you are my sunshine

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Free Harmonica Tabs? Preferably Good Ones ?
not just like red river valley and my old ky home etc Harmonica Tabs anyone?
I've searched the web for harmonica tabs, and I've found some good ones. From Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, to A Whole New World tabs. I realize harptabs.com is a good site, but are there any more great tab sites? Or tabs that you know of? Please share the links or tabs with me, I'm looking forward to em'!G-love Harmonica?
whats up everyone. I was wondering what kinda harp, key and brand, G-Love uses in most of his songs. Especially songs like "sunshine" and even some of the songs he's done with Jack Johnson, like Rodeo Clowns, Mudfootball, and Better Together. I know he uses, or atleast believe he does, a D marine band hohner in Hot Cookin, but what about some other songs? also, does anyone know any sites for some G-Love tabs? Thanks everyone. Peac.

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