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Harmonica Questions, work when wet?
I just got my harmonica yesterday and I was wondering if it works when wet, I asked this question yesterday and got a few answers. [e.g in the shower] and anyone know a GOOD website for free tabs, last thing, I can't reverse whistle anymore what happened :L (breathing in whistle)I want to learn harmonica but i only have a cheap one?
so I've always wanted to learn guitar, and harmonica i already have a good guitar and am somewhere around advanced beginner or beginner intermediate, my dad never saw any use for a harmonica and thinks its stupid so wont get me one, yesterday my friend gave me her old one she got when she was 6 and never played, we are 13 now. she said she got it at ross for around a 1$ and this is the best i could possibly get for now my dad said if i get anywhere with this one he will get me a better one. this one is plastic, it doesnt say the key but i know it is C and it sounds descent enough. is it possible to learn anything on it so my dad would be convinced i can get a good one? i just need to learn some basic songs and things like that or should i just not bother with this one and wait till i can buy one on my own?Perfect pitch questions?
So I've known I have perfect pitch for a while. Probably about 3 years or so. My dad and brother's favorite game is playing a guitar chord, and I have to guess what chord it is--let's just say I've never lost. I've also had to tell my teacher what notes are which several times. But I thought all musicians developed it eventually. Yesterday I found out that's not the case. I'm a teenager and I play back up guitar for my music teacher when he performs with his students. Anyways, everyone else in the band are professionals and after speaking with my mom, one of them quizzed me with his harmonica (I had no clue what he was doing) and I got them all right. He was blown away and told me how rare perfect pitch was. Anyways, what are some benefits of having perfect pitch? The drummer was saying I might even be able to get a scholarship to a college from this(among other things) if I were to major in music. What are some ways to better train my ear? For instance, I have trouble identifying certain notes (Like F#) and I'm not very good at recognizing diminished and half diminished notes. Thank you! All you know about perfect pitch is appreciated! I know for a fact I have perfect pitch. I just want to know more about it and I want to know how to develop it more. and yes, I did mean diminished chords, not notes.

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