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Ed Sheeran u2013 Thinking Out Loud u2013 Tabs u2013 Kfir Ochaion
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What is a good harmonica for a beginner to buy?
I want to learn the harmonica and am looking for a good harmonica to buy. I have looked on websites that tell what harmonicas are good for beginners and have narrowed it down to a couple from that and just wanted a second opinion on them. Also if you know another good harmonica for a beginner that is in the price range of the two I found feel free to throw it in to the mix as well. The two I found are the Hohner 560BX-C Special 20 Harmonica, Major C and the Hohner Special Twenty Harmonica, Key of C. I had actually found another that I seem to have clicked off the tab for and I'm not sure but I think it might have been a lee Oskar 1910-C.Should I go for Epiphone 100lp ? and Fender Mustang II amp?
So far, I've been practicing blues on acoustic (never took a single guitar lesson) and it seems that even without a pick I use my fingers as if I'm holding one and since I'm left handed, (though I play like a right handed person) my left hand jumps around from one fret to another very easy. The only thing I cannot play is other styles like classical ones country and most of what's rhythm-based style To make it short, I can't and I hate playing harmonic I just go for leads and solos. So I was told to move my butt and get some guitar lessons though I feel like it's a waste of time to "go back to the drawing board" I feel the music and I play it by ear (can't even read those damn tabs right ). If you could leave a tip for this secondary issue, I'll be very glad and happy to hear it. So I made a review so far on electric guitars and I'm thinking of epiphone lp100 with mustang 2 amp for playing blues and heavy rock leads/solos but if you know better stuff within this pricing range (like 500-600 $) I'll be more than happy to find out from you Thank you.

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