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I have a harmonica in the key of C. I'm wanting to learn a song that uses one in the key of G?
I have a harmonica in the key of C. I'm wanting to learn a song that uses one in the key of G. Is there a way to play it on C by playing different notes than the tab gives me or do I need the harmonica in the key of G?Harmonica - 12 Bar Blues?
I received a Hohner Blues harp in the key of C for Christmas, and i'm really interested in learning (what i understand to be) 12 bar blues on the harmonica. Ideally, what i'm looking for is tabs of old slow blues songs but ones that have breaks in them where you'd insert your bluesy lyrics. Sorry that i wasn't able to find a better video, but this is about as close as i could get. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9OuoMPaVSQ I'd like to know if anyone had some idea of what this style of harmonica playing is called if it has an official name, and if their's songs that anyone knows of that uses this style. Also i'm looking for harmonica tabs that uses it, so any help is greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of quitting the guitar. I just don't know what to do anymore. any advice from MUSICIAN'S? ?
okay. I'm an currently a junior in high school. Back in 7th grade I loved listening to music. And It was my first year in The School Band. I played the alto saxophone. It's the first time i have ever played an instrument. My band teacher came up to me. Told me for my first time i progress really well and he made me take this test with a symbol and said I have outstanding rhythm. Im not bragging or anything. Just giving that out. On day during my 7th grade year i heard this awesome band. My Chemical Romance. I loved there style. So one day i picked up my brothers old acoustic guitar. It was very small lol. And i got this book and learned some simple songs. My friends played guitar and taught me power chords and beginner stuff. I learned how to read tabs. And by the end of my 8th grade year I surpassed my friends at it. I was really good i guess from what people said. My music teacher said I was a "Natural Musician" idk what that means exactly but i took it as a compliant. But Really i just love playing music and always have. I got better. Self-taught. I mastered finger tapping, harmer-ons and pull-offs, and switching chords really well. I learned to play the acoustic guitar really well too. I myself always thought i wasn't that good. Cuz it drove me to become better. My friends, family thought i was outstanding. I am the only on in my entire family and family history who plays an instrument. And i maybe the best guitarist in my school. But when i try to write songs, it comes out wrong. I try to make a order and idk how to fix what i've been doing. I've writen three songs for my old band. I did everything. Wrote drums, both guitars, and bass. And people loved it. But Recently I've been learning the drums and I'm getting good at them. But, I have kinda put my guitar off. I pick up and play for like 5 min and stop. Maybe once or twice a week. I work and goto school and have a gf. So not too much. And every time i pick it up, i just suck. Im not near as good i was. I frustrated and just quit. I just don't think i'll be as good as i was. I just kinda, lost interest. But, I would love to pursue my life into music. My family and friends always tell me "you and that guitar are going places" and now, I just see myself going to college and getting a normal career. even if it's not what i want. I want to play music. It's my life, well i was. And idk what do. idk if i should just give up and live a normal life or what. I know this sounds stupid lol but could someone help??What Are Some Good Acoustic Guitar Songs?
currently play an Four String Electric Bass Guitar and have been playing for eight months and, without wanting to sound too big headed, I'm pretty good for someone who's been playing eight months. So the situation is this: I'm getting a Four String Acoustic Bass Guitar for Christmas and recently I've been experimenting with playing guitar pieces on my bass, I have transposed Love In Vain by Robert Johnson from a guitar tab so it can be played on bass (it sounds pretty good, might try and record it on the computer) and am currently working transposing Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice It's Alright from guitar to bass (it's hard, probably too hard for me to play at my current ability level). So I was wondering what guitar pieces/songs do you think would sound good/interesting when played on an acoustic bass. Remember I have to be able to play them on a four string. Things to note: My favourite genres of music are folk, blues, rock and pop. I understand quite a bit of music theory such as chord structures, scales, etc. I can play slap and pop. I can play two handed tapping. I can also play harmonica, if any of the recommended songs have a harmonica accompaniment then I might be able to play the harp to it. Thanks in advance. I KNOW THAT THIS QUESTION DOESN'T TRULY BELONG IN BLUES BUT I THINK THAT YOU BLUES ANSWERERS KNOW MORE ABOUT MUSIC SO I'M ASKING IT HERECan anyone tell me the guitar chords to this song?
4th time around by bob dylan i've never been able to find an accurate tab for it will best answer whoever gives me the best tab thanks.

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