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Stand By Me Guitar Tab by Ben E. King (Guitar Tab u2013 83258)
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Help me play harmonica.?
I've gone to harptabs.com, which is an awesome website with a huge selection of music. I'm new to music completely so sheet music is out of my grasp. I totally get tablature, how to read and play. I'm actually getting pretty good. Where I seem to be at a dead stand still and can't find any info is on how to make tabs for a song, writing my own songs and playing along with music. How do I take a song that doesn't have a harmonica in it and turn the guitar or voice into harmonica tabs? Should I try to write tabs that mimic an instruments or the lyrics? I want to play the tune and sing. Any advise would help. Also I have no idea how to turn either instruments or lyrics into harmonica tabs. Is there a trick to this? How do I know what hole would sound best for a certain strum of the guitar or syllable in the song or whether it should be a draw note or blow. In this aspect I am completely lost, maybe I'm tone def. I suppose my problems playing along are the same problems as writing tabs but I'm also having trouble writing my own music. I want to write some sick blues riffs but I'm lost. Should I write lyrics first then a tune or the other way around. I can use any advise. I have no knowledge of music and wish I had learned earlier in life. My biggest concern is how to pick the right harmonica notes for the notes in the song.I have a harmonica stand for a harmonica but i dont know how to properly put the harmonica in..?
its a harmonica holder made from adam the atomic sound. and did not come with directions.Can anybody lend me a tab to the song called "standing round crying" by eric clapton. on acoustic though?
I have a 40 holed harmonica(20 on top and 20 on bottom) can someone please help me understand it?
Can anyone show me a note list for it? its came with some intructions and a note list( C D E F G A B C D E) and a few songs. i dont know if this is the right list or not and i would also like to learn some new bluesy kinda songs. can any one help me under stand?Why are C Note Harmonicas recommended for beginners?
I'm a beginner and I was wondering why C harmonicas are recommended for beginners, since I'm a beginner and have no previous experience with it. I don't really know where to start i found some tabs online and have a beginners book but to be honest I haven't learned much.. im tempted to just practice tabs online. Im really interested in Louis Armstrong what a wonderful world and Stand by me. Does my age have any impact on my learning ability since I'm 18.

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