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Harmonica : harmonica tabs let it snow Harmonica Tabs and Harmonica Tabs Let Itu201a Harmonica Tabs ...
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Questions & Answers :

How do i find the harmonica tabs for Taylor Swift's "Our Song"?
i really need them because i have to display a instrumental song in an audition for a full ride scholorship. and i love that song so i wana play it on harmonica.How to play c sharp on harmonica?
I just got a hohner harmonica in C and i don't know how to play things like c sharp. does anyone know what hole number to play if you want to play sharps and flats. and where i can find some free sheet music onlineHelp with learning the harmonica?
Im new to the harmonica and im learning Somwhere over the rainbow. The tab reads 4-7-7-6-6. Im learning it in stages. Does 4 mean the 4th hole across or the 4th square. My harmonica has top holes and bottom :/ Also how do you know when to suck and blow? Thanks in advanceNeed help playing Harmonica.?
Okay, so I've got a 16/32 hole harmonica. Based on my research, it is so called tremolo(sorry if I'm wrong, I'm new to harmonica). Now, I thought playing this thing is easy, but when I look for tutorials, can't find an appropriate tutorial for a 16/32 hole harmonica. I searched on the net for a diagram of it's holes hoping it'll help me identify the numbers of the hole, but suddenly I didn't find any tutorial or a diagram . . I tried playing "What a wonderful world" using a diatonic(maybe?) tab. I kinda get it sometimes cause I can hear that the music fits really well, but I still need to learn . Can someone help me with my 16/32 hole harmonica? Please? A video tutorial and a diagram of it's hole(16/32) numbering can help .I don't understand blues harmonica?
i know the cross harp and all that stuff, but i tried playing with a jam track but am i supposed to play however i like? or from the heart or what? is it supposed to sound like the other instruments? or can i play freely in a jam with my harmonica.

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