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Harmonica u00bb Chords On C Harmonica - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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Any sites to learn harmonica in key D#?
Hey guys, my grandpa gave me a harmonica today and I have no clue on how to play it, I have some experience playing instrument as I play the piano, but I find the harmonica completely different. Do any of you have any websites where I can learn to play harmonica? My harmonica is in a key of D#. Thanks a bunch guys and gals :) Oops, it's a 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Thanks once again :)Can i play harmonica songs from tabs even if i have the wrong key harmonica?
like if i have a key of d harmonica, could i play tabs that are written for key of c harmonicas?Harmonica music :help me to change the harmonica tabs conform to my key?
i have an " A scale" harmonica and i want to change the tab that wrote in the other keys (like C) , conform to my key . please help me to do this. and also i want to know about the notes position in each scale of harmonicas whit picture as far as possible. thank u."Aimo" Harmonica Tab?
Aimo from Marcoss Fronteirer, can anyone tab it for me or link me to a tab. This is for a harmonica, not a guitar. Also if you could tell me which key harmonica that would be great. DinsyAny blues or other tabs for hohner golden melody in key of D ?

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