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Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are Sheet Music u0026 Piano Notes : Chords, Download
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Does anyone know harmonica tabs for wild blue yonder?
i have looked everywhere but cant find harmonica tabs for this song can anyone help me? just the standard 3 -4 4 -4 format will do fine just the key hole and when to blow and draw thanks!Can you play songs with a Harmonica using guitar tabs?
There are many songs that I would like to play with a Diatonic C harmonica. However I can only find their guitar tabs. Is there a way to "translate" guitar tabs into harmonica tabs? The song that I am most interested in is The General by Dispatch. Is it possible to play a song like that using a harmonica?Harmonica Playing And Questions Please Help?
I Dont Understand Harmonica I REALY Want To Too Okay So I Know 1B Means First Whole Blow And Draw 1D But I Need Help ! I Want To Learn A Song Called If You Leave Put Your Key In The Mailbox If Someone Can You Tell Me How To Translate This http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/n/nevershoutnever/if_you_go_leave_your_key_in_the_mailbox_crd.htm If Its Een Correct And Translate It For Me So I Can Deeply Understand Harmonica? Please I Always Do Best Answer If That Matters And It Would Realy Mean AlotHow do I play this tab on my Harmonica?
I am attempting to learn the song "Lean on me" on my Key of C harmonica. I have been teaching myself so I am not fully aware on all looks of tabs. But the note went like this .. -3b -3b .. Over either different words or the same word. Some even look like -3b 4 -3b. I was wondering what -3b means to do? Thank you for your help.Just bought a D Harmonica but realized almost every song uses a C diatonic harmonica ..?
Not knowing anything about harmonicas but wanting to learn how to play, I went out and purchases Hohner's "Old Standby" Harmonica and realized that it is a D only after getting home and trying it out. As of now, I am curious as to whether I should just go get a C or stick with the D and if so, what songs are there to help me learn in my "novice" state.

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