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Harmonica : Harmonica Tabs as well as Harmonica Tabs In Gu201a Harmonica Tabs Inu201a Harmonicas
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I have a harmonica in the key of C. I'm wanting to learn a song that uses one in the key of G?
I have a harmonica in the key of C. I'm wanting to learn a song that uses one in the key of G. Is there a way to play it on C by playing different notes than the tab gives me or do I need the harmonica in the key of G?Play key of C using harmonica key of G?
i just got my first harp, which is in the key of G. however, i want to play songs that are tabbed for a harp with key of C. now which hole becomes what hole? which hole number in my key of G would i blow to get the sound of hole 4 in key of C?Harmonica music :help me to change the harmonica tabs conform to my key?
i have an " A scale" harmonica and i want to change the tab that wrote in the other keys (like C) , conform to my key . please help me to do this. and also i want to know about the notes position in each scale of harmonicas whit picture as far as possible. thank u.What are blues harmonica songs (provide tabs if possible) to learn for a diatonic harmonica in key of c?
24-hole Harmonica tabs?
I have a 24-hole harmonica and I can't find tabs for it. I only can find tabs to 5/6-hole harmonicas.

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