harmonica tabs for kids

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Questions & Answers :

Where can I get harmonica tabs for a nice, easy harmonica song to learn?!?
I'm trying to learn the harmonica but i haven't found any tabs that i could play. help?!Harmonica talent?
does it take a lot of talent to play the harmonica? because i'm thinking about doing that as a performance to introduce myself for some kids.I am gaining an interest in the harmonica, but only owned one as a kid, where is a good place to start?
im looking at this 3 pack of harmonicas online, would these be good place to start for a beginner? should i invest in a more expensive harmonica or is this fine? i selected the 3 pack because there are 3 keys so there is a wider diversity of songs i could try out and play around with. any other suggestions would be appreciated ^_^ 3 pack. http://www.axemusic.com/product.asp?numRecordPosition=31&P_ID=25989&PT_ID=all Thank yooou! :)What is the sequence when learning the harmonica?
For example in guitar: Chords-strumming-plucking etc etc Im thinking the answer would be a little like this (but im just guessing): Harmonica: single notes (kids song) - bending - chord songs- vibrato - jamiing- making a solo???? Im trying to self learn in the internet and currently learning via Harmonica for Dummies by Winslow Xerxa. because when i learn by internet they are just so many words like when u 'click learn harmonica' there would be a list 'bending, vibrato etc 'AND I DONT KNOW WHICH TO CLICK. In an easier term , I feel very overwhelmed. : ( and i hate my harmonica its a chinese thing which cost 3 dollars (converted it from pesos) the hole 3 and 9 wont make a ******* sound. ANYWAYS please tell me what i should learn first and then afer? I tried Adam gussow but his words turns to jelly when i hear it (hahahah) and i get bored if the teacher wont give me a song .Harmonica riffs?
Can you share some of your favourites?(include the tabs/chords) I'm a beginner, so maybe some cool blues but yet easy riffs. Thank you so much! :.

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