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Country Hits Harmonica Play-Along Vol 6 Sheet Music Book/CD : eBay
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Are there any websites with harmonica tabs or notes?
I play guitar, and I know my favorite site to find chords is ultimate-guitar.com I just bought a harmonica a few months ago, but I cant find any good websites which harmonica tabs or notes on them I listen to mostly modern and alternative rock if that helps no really any oldies (except beatles) or country my favorite bands (though they dont play much harmonica) are: jacks mannequin jimmy eat world third eye blind ect just to give an idea anyone who could give me the best website gets the 10 pts thanks =]Where can I find good Harmonica tabs?
I'm looking for classic rock and newer music. Blues Traveler, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Dylan, etc. I don't want to play the same old country and folk songs that everyone has. I would also prefer it to be free.I want to learn harmonica but i only have a cheap one?
so I've always wanted to learn guitar, and harmonica i already have a good guitar and am somewhere around advanced beginner or beginner intermediate, my dad never saw any use for a harmonica and thinks its stupid so wont get me one, yesterday my friend gave me her old one she got when she was 6 and never played, we are 13 now. she said she got it at ross for around a 1$ and this is the best i could possibly get for now my dad said if i get anywhere with this one he will get me a better one. this one is plastic, it doesnt say the key but i know it is C and it sounds descent enough. is it possible to learn anything on it so my dad would be convinced i can get a good one? i just need to learn some basic songs and things like that or should i just not bother with this one and wait till i can buy one on my own?Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica, C?
I am completely new to Harmonica and i was wandering which one to buy, i plan on this one. Should I go for it? Also is there any good websites or books for lessons? thx. I enjoy ragtime blues, southern blues and country music.I don't understand blues harmonica?
i know the cross harp and all that stuff, but i tried playing with a jam track but am i supposed to play however i like? or from the heart or what? is it supposed to sound like the other instruments? or can i play freely in a jam with my harmonica.

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