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How do I read online harmonica tabs ?
I'm a beginner and guitar tabs I understand, but how do I read harmonica tabs ?  5    6   -6    5   6 When the night has come This is an example Any help will be appreciated :)Book for complete harmonica beginner.?
I just bought a 10 hole diatonic harmonica (C major). {Hohner Special 20} I'm complete beginner and would like a recommendation for a best book for my need which also has a cd with it. Thanks I'm into classic music than blues..Could anyone please give me harmonica tabs for the song forget you by Cee Lo Green?
hello everyone! :) could anyone be kind enough to give me harmonica tabs to this song? its just im still a beginner and i cant hear it out and play, and plus ive looked allover the internet for them but i still couldn't find them! :'( so please could anyone PLEASE give them to me (a site wont be bad too :P) and Thank you all in advance!!!Where can I find C Diatonic Harmonica Tabs?
I'm kind of a beginner but a fast learner I also want a US site. My harmonica's kind of cheap. P.S. What's the difference between a blues harmonica and a diatonic, and if there is, is there any way you could modify a C Diatonic Harmonica into a C blues?HARMONICA- Best one for a beginner :)?
Hello, I am looking at learning the harmonica. I have no experience at all, but did play the guitar when i was younger. Just wondering what is a good beginners harmonica, Diatonic, preferable one that is avaliable in Australia as i live there. Also i have read that come in A, B or C.. what does this mean and which one? One more thing is it very difficult to learn?? Thanks so much if you answer, greatly appreciated! manda :.

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