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How can I tune my guitar by ear? Can I use my harmonica as a reference?
A few months ago I taught myself how to play the harmonica, as it is very simple and inexpensive. Now I would like to learn the guitar. I have a student guitar from a yard sale which I expect is not tuned right. I don't have a tuner. I have never tuned an instrument in my life. Is there a website where I can hear what my guitar should sound like? Can I try tuning it to match the sound my harmonica makes? Would I need a certain key? Also, once I do begin learning, where should I start? There are so many lessons! Do I start with strings or chords? What difference do the frets make? Should I learn notes or tabs? Heck, what's the anatomy of a guitar? Any recommended books to get from the library?How to play a 24-holed harmonica?
How is a 24-holed harmonica played? By blowing multiple holes at a time or by blowing only one hole at a time? If single holes are played, then how is it done? How can I make sure that I play the correct hole (accurately out of the 24 holes). I don't know anything about it, please advise me on how to get started playing it.Harmonica and capos, how does it work?
So I often play guitar and want to get into using the harmonica along side it But I often play with a capo on 1 or 2, and most of my songs are in C and D So if the capo is on 1, surely i'm playing in C# major? So would I need to buy a harmonica in this key? I'm not sure how harmonicas work so any advice would be great!How do you learn to play the harmonica.?
As I was standing in the shower, trying to keep warm under the dwindling hot water supply, I came to the sudden realization that I had the desire to learn to play the harmonica. What are some good harmonicas to start with, and where should I look to find instructions. I don't want actual lessons, if harmonica lessons even exist. I'm pretty good at learning practical stuff, and I have a good musical background. (My dad is a music professor; I've taken piano lessons since age 6; I started the horn at age 12; I'm still in band, but I quit chorus because they were going irritatingly slowly, and I just started screwing around on the sousaphone this year for our little pep-band.) So, any harmonica experts out there, if you have a moment--and thank you for spending the time to read this far--, could you please give a basic outline from clueless beginner to accomplished musician so that I can have a new way to annoy my family at night? Thanks, --DJ HatterasHarmonica riffs?
Can you share some of your favourites?(include the tabs/chords) I'm a beginner, so maybe some cool blues but yet easy riffs. Thank you so much! :.

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