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Merry Go Round guitar pro tab by Sungha Jung @
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How To Play Percussion On Guitar Like Sungha Jung?
I was wondering how do you hit the strings like percussion and strum at the same time, the song in question that I'm looking at is this one: And here's the tab that says shows that you need to hit the strings and strum them at the same time: ThanksSungha Jung guitar tabs?
Im looking for Sungha's "Blackbird" guitar tab if anyone has it please share!How long until I can play guitar like Sungha Jung?? Should I just give up?
I've been practicing for about 2 months and a week 1-2 hours a day everyday by myself This is what I did 1 week~ I learned strumming, chords like C, D Em, etc 3 weeks~ I learned fingerpicking from ultimate guitar, mostly songs by Jaychou, more than words, tears in heaven 3 weeks~ I learned disney fingerpicking I learned about 5 songs, I learned about 4 songs 2 weeks~ I learned bunch of songs from guitarnick fingerstyle, learned 4 songs so far. I also tried to learn Sungha's but it's too hard. Kotaro Oshio's is a lot easier tho WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO PLAY ANY OF SUNGHA'S SONGS? WHAT IS HIS EASIEST SONG TO PLAY IN JUST 1 DAY? PLEASE I AM SO DEPRESSED!!! I AM MOTIVATED WILL TRY HARD TO LEARN HIS ARRANGEMENT! Man. I really want to give up so badly. Please share your experience as well. I always fail at learning other instruments such as flute, keyboard. When I was a kid I always get a punishment from my music teacher cos i couldnt play any song. I dont think i have the talent. Should I stop playing guitar Sungha inspires me to start playing this instrument. I like music but not good at it please helpWhere can i get sungha jungs tabs?
he plays guitar on you tubePlease help with guitar tabs?
The guitar tab is telling me to strum ^(5) (3) (1) (6) My fingers cant reach those notes really.. So is that the only way I can play it? I'm a beginner so I don't know much.. The song is Lonely By Sungha Jung if that help.

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