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Any 12 string guitar tabs?
I just bought a 12 string guitar. Does anyone know of any tabs especially for one? Also its an Ibanez v7412ece-opn, any comments on it?Guitar Tab Question involving string numbers?
So, I'm trying to teach myself to play guitar. (I Can't afford lessons) :( I have a book, and it is trying to explain tabs. It has numbers like _ 1_ 0_ 0_ _ _ It says like 2nd string first fret, 2 open strings. Does that mean that I don't pick/strum the other two strings? I don't get it.. Any help would be appreciated.. Thank you (sorry in advance for sounding so stupid lol) Thank you so much!Guitar tabs without high E string?
Does anyone have fun guitar tabs, without the high E string for guitar because I just broke my high eGuitar Tabs?
i am trying to learn A whole new world on guitar, its my first real song i am using guitar tabs do i strum all 6 strings at the same time??? Please help! any other explanations would help tooGuitar tabs!??
how do you read guitar tabs?? i cant figure it out!.

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