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The 12 Essential Chords You Need to Play Country Guitar
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Practice Guitar Tabs?
Hey I have done guitar for one year, and whenever I try learning a new song, I am either totally destroyed by it (I am incapable of switching fast enough) or I cannot get my hand into awkward positions. Are there guitar tabs that for good for practicing (individual notes, not chords, for exercising fingers, gradually increasing in difficulty?) If you could link me to it, that'd be great. Thanks in advance.The best way to practice guitar tabs?
Whats the best way to practice playing guitar tabs? I can read them and understand them but can't manage to move my fingers about in the speed it demands. Is there a good list of songs which are good for starters? I can do chords and stuff but figured it would be good to move up. Cheers :)Guitar practice ??????????
If I practice 8 hours every weekend and 1 hour on school days how long before good ? Edit: spare time are thoose 1 hours to 8 hours u retardWhat are good guitar tabs/scales to practice with?
im a begininer and im looking for guitar tabs or scale that can help me improve and is not hard. any suggestions?Can anyone give me some guitar tabs for a beginner to practice?
and any tips on practicing.

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