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Der Kleine Vampir (1986) Guitar tabs?
does anyone know how to play the theme song to the 1986 series "Der kleine Vampir" (the little vampire) The songs called "they can see in the dark" by Jim Gray (I think he was in a canadian band called Darkroom I THINK) does any one know where i can get the guitar tabs? if not, i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to transcribe the TABS for accoustic guitar for me? here's the song I would be VERY gratefull!!! I Know it's alot to ask but I need to learn to play it and I'm no good at playing by ear :( Thanks in advance! <3Need guitar tabs help?
what do you do with these tabs? |---5-5-5-5--5--(5)\-|---5-5-5-5-5--------| |---7-7-7-7--7--(7)\-|---7-7-7-7-7-7-(7)--| |---9-9-9-9--9--(9)\-|---8-8-9-8-6-8-(8)--| |--------------------|-------------9-(9)--| |--------------------|--------------------| |--------------------|--------------------| what do the parenthesis and backslash mean? |-------5----10----10-|------------------9----| |-----7---12----10----|-^7-7-7-7-(7)-7--------| |---7-----12----11----|-^7-------------(<7>)--| |-0-------------------|-^7--------------------| |---------------------|-----------------------| |---------------------|-^7--------------------| what do the ^'s and <>'s mean lol pleases and thank yous (<7>) got cut out of teh bottom one I thought it was harmonics but it doesnt sound right at all the rest is perfect though ok the (<7>) means volume swell (louder-softer) and im guessing parenthesis is a slight muteGuitarists of all genres: what do you think of this Guitar Player list?
This list was featured in the October 2007 issue of Guitar Player and is called "The Top 40 Common Newbie Guitarist Mistakes." It was made up by Harmony Central Forum Members and, in the issue of GP, is not numbered--I just numbered them so you can say which numbers you agree with (or disagree with), instead of the whole statement. 1. Investing in distortion boxes instead of a good amp. 2. Learning 100 intros and no songs. 3. Limiting yourself to one style of music--usually metal. 4. Not taking the time to learn music theory. 5. Playing "Smoke on the Water" on the high-E string. 6. Playing too loud, and with too much distortion. 7. Setting your amp's Gain on 10, and Mids on 0. 8. Relying on picks. 9. Not learning how to perform a basic setup. 10. Not maintaining your gear. 11. Not jamming enough with other players. 12. Over use of legato with a complete disregard for tempo. 13. Poor phrasing. 14. Weak vibrato. 15. Buying too many effects. 16. Listening to tone snobs. 17. Immediately launching into thirty-second-notes during a blues solo. 18. Thinking that playing the local bar circuit constitutes a "tour." 19. Believing that opening for a national act means you're on your way. 20. Not knowing the difference between tube watts and solid-state watts. 21. Relying too much on printed music and tabs. 22. Thinking a year of lessons and $5,000 worth of gear makes you ready to play in a band. 23. Wearing the guitar way too low. 24. Using too much hand/finger pressure when fretting. 25. Taking guitar lessons from a friend. 26. Giving up immediately because you sound like dog doo. 27. Not learning how all your gear works. 28. Tuning every guitar at Guitar Center to dropped D, and then not returning them to standard pitch. 29. Bringing full stacks to tiny bar gigs. 30. Saying, "All [insert hated style of music] sucks, dude!" 31. Learning with your eyes, instead of your ears. 32. Not learning to play in time with good groove and feel. 33. Not investing in good earplugs for playing loud gigs. 34. Obsessing about playing burning solos, and not caring about rhythm guitar. 35. Thinking that playing fast pentatonic-box patterns makes you a hot guitarist. 36. Not putting casters on viciously heavy amps. 37. Wearing bowling shirts emblazoned with flames and dragons. 38. Realizing guitar is too difficult and taking up bass instead. 39. Spending more time on Harmony Central than actually practicing. 40. Forgetting that playing music is meant to be fun. Personally, I actually agree with a lot of this. I mean, how many times have you acted out #30? I have heard so many people say that country sucks just because it's country. I've also heard someone say that they hate jazz. And then, I completely agree with #3. A lot of guitarists do limit themselves to one style of music and, like this list said, it tends to usually be metal. Very rarely will you see a guitarist like the late Danny Gatton who could play ANY style from rock and blues to jazz and country and even rockabilly. It also seems that guitarists who are known as country guitarists are more willing to listen to and play other genres. Take Brad Paisley and Brent Mason, for example. Both are great country guitarists, but they can both play jazz and blues very well. I'm not sure about Mason, but Paisley can even play surf rock and rock (Eric Johnson-style, from the short clip I've heard) and just about anything else he wants. #15 is another great one. A lot of guitarists do buy too many effects. Henry Garza--from the Los Lonely Boys--only has a Vox V847 wah and an Ibanez Tube Screamer. I find that spectacular, considering many modern guitarists just want to get as many effects pedals as they want. Even I tend to want a lot of effects from the Keeley-modified Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and the Keeley Compressor to the Vox V847 wah, the Visual Sound Route 66 Overdrive/Compression and a lot more than I'm listing. What do you think of "The Top 40 Common Newbie Guitarist Mistakes" list? What do you agree with and what do you disagree with? Also, what would you add to the list?All who play guitar and can read tab?
what do you think of this. i wasnt really sure how to post a tab. they are all 16th notes except the the 1st row. they are quarter notes. the D, A, & E string are not used so i just didnt put them. remeber the x4 and the x3 e--5-------------5-------5 <--the 2 e string notes are half notes b------6---x3-----6 g----7---------------7 D----------------------8 e--5-----------------e--7---------------e--4---------------e--8 b----6-------x4-----b----8-----x4-----b----5-----x4-----b----9 -----x4 g------7-------------g------9-----------g------6------------g------10 e--6---------------e--3---------------e--9---------------e--11 b----7 x4-------b----4-----x4----b----10-----x4---b----12---- x4 g------8-----------g------5-----------g------11---------g------13 e--13-------------e--4-------------e--2 b----14----x4----b----5----x4----b----3----x3 <-- its a x3 not an x4 g------15---------g------6---------g------4 sorry if it is so hard to read. WTF!!! ugh. why did it change. iit cut out so many parts. i'll replace the " " with their original numbers sorry if this makes it extremely hard to read. these are the on the 2nd row e--4 b----5-------x4 g------6 on the 3rd row after the 3, 4, 5 part e--9---------------e--11 b----10-----x4---b----12-----x4 g------11---------g------13 on the 4th row e--2-----------e--1 b----3---x3---b----2----x4 g------4-------g------3 i am adding a 5th row e--5-------------e--5 > half note-----5----13(play louder than the other notes) b----6-----x4---b----6 g------7---------g------7 D--------------------------8 sorry again if this is so confusingGuitar tab for youve got a friend by mcfly?
i need the tab for MCFLY's cover i know it was originally by carol king but i would like to learn their cover! thanks! those are chord.

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