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Guitar tab for Metallica - Fade to Black?
Does anyone have an accurate tab for Metallica Fade to Black? I know all the intro, the verses, but I don't know the interlude solo, the end solo, or the backing to the end solo. Highest priority is the backing to the end solo :) Thanks. Don't tell me where to look, because I've already looked everywhere 10 points to the person who provides me the best link.. 2 points to the idiots who aren't helping at all.Metallica Unforgiven guitar tab?
i want a custom mix of unforgiven I unforgiven II and unforgiven III and a link to an mp3 if anyone has made one like so basically take II so it is metal and hetfield says what i'vve felt what i've know and then switches too soft rock for never shine through what i've show put the lyrics with the tab so i know which part is which bothAny websites offer the 100% correct version of nothing else matters guitar tab by metallica?
looking for some site i can send a few bucks for the official tab, not just someones guess on some guitar tab freesite..i also don't want to buy the whole album or book just that one song been googling a bit but to no avail search engines these days aren't as good as they could be..really also just something accessible on the web, not paper format.. thanksMetallica guitar tabs help plz!?
i got the tab for "One" off this site that ive never even heard of and it isnt even metallica! can anyone hook me up with the real tab? or any other metallica tabs Metallica tabs?
what is a good metallica guitar tabs site.

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