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Who Am I Guitar Chords Key Of G
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Guitar Tabs?
Can anyone explain how to read guitar tabs to me? I already have a tutor but I think it's really complicated so perhaps someone here might have a better way to explain it. Thanks! Doesn't hurt to ask..☺How do you transpose electric guitar tabs to different key? this song is in key of C. i need to transpose it to key of G using tabs for lead guitar.How Can You Change Guitar Tabs To Fit A Different Key?
I am wanting to know how you can change guitar tabs in different keys. For example, I am wanting the intro tabs for "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue Nirth, and they are in the key of G, but I need them in the key of C. Help! Thanks!Guitar Tabs?
i am trying to learn A whole new world on guitar, its my first real song i am using guitar tabs do i strum all 6 strings at the same time??? Please help! any other explanations would help tooMusic Key Signature Question/ Guitar tab question?
Ok so I know how to figure out what key a song is in. But I wasnt really sure how to ask this question. Im looking at the music/tab for dude looks like a lady by aerorsmith. At start it has something looks like a cross icon that says: Key signature denotes A Mixolydian. I know that Mixolydian is one of the modes but Im not really sure what it means thanks.

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