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Heart Will Go On:: acoustic guitar TAB + CHORDS -
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Guitar tabs?????????
So i want to learn guitar, i started with a really basic one, titanic and i like the way its set out, its the way id like to begin learning, but i cant find any other songs without all the confusing letters instead of just ones showing you where to put you fingers which is what id like just to begin with lol anyone have an idea, all im typing in is beginner guitar tabs but none of the songs are the way i like them. Here is the link to the titanic version which is the way i would liek to begin, about the acoustic guitar and tabs?
i got some free lessons with my guitar but they only told me the basics and half of it i just forget. but anyways, i tried learning some tabs like the basic titanic i learned in middle school but they are SO confusing and aren't even like the tabs i learned back then, does anyone know how to read them? i watched some videos of people playing my heart will go on from titanic and it sounds so good and i want to be able to play like that, but i probably wont be able to get more guitar lessons for a while.Open Question: What does this mean 8/9 mean on a guitar tab?
hi I am trying to teach my self guitar but on a song guitar tab (titanic song) it show 8/9 what does this mean? any help will be very much appreciated here the tab if this helps and what does this mean / in the guitar tabOpen Question: How do I read this guitar tab? Please help! =)?
Hi I'm self-teaching myself how to play guitar and I can play chords and full songs but I'm now learning how to play tabs. The book I got is hard to explain how to read tabs and play them so I was wondering if you guys or gals can help me out.I can't figure out what I'm suppose to pluck or sure if I'm reading it right. Are the numbers which fret your fingers should be in and are the strings that don't have numbers the ones I'm suppose to pluck? How do I find the rhythm. And the only song I know how to play tabs on is "Breathe Me" by sia which is relatively easy. I watched a tutorial on Youtube and I can't seem to find one on this song that has good tutors. By the way this song is "My Heart Will Go On" By Celiene Dion. I want to learn it cause I would torture my Aunt by making her play this song evertime I came to visit her lol she's very excited that I'm learning guitar and So when she comes to visit me this weekend I would like to be able to play it for her :) Intro (this piece is often played in the movie "Titanic") |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------9----------------------------------9------9-11---9--------| |-7-9-11---11-9-7-9-----11-9-7-------7-9-11---11-9-7-9-----11-----------11,9s-| |------------------------------9-7--------------------------------------------| Verse (notes) |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-7--7-7-7-6-7--7-6-7--9-11--9--7--7-7-7-6-7--7---| |-----------------------------------------------7-| let ring Chorus (notes) |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------| |---------9--7,6s---------------------------| |-7--9------------9--11-12-11--9-7-6-7--7---| |-------7---------------------------------7-| let ring |------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------| |---------9--7,6s--------------------------------------| |-7--9------------9--11-12-11--9-7-6-7--7-6-7--9-11--9-| |-------7----------------------------------------------| I got them off of Ultimate Guitar it was the highest rated tab and I read the comments and they say its really perfect but I wouldn't know cause I don't know how to read tabs :( Then could someone just please tell me an easy way to read tabs.Can someone provideme with titanic themesong RHYTHM chords(innotes, i dont knownaming the chords)?
I tried to built an own and i came up with this repeating pattern: [C+E] D [C+E].. Sth like that but sth was not right.

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