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Questions & Answers :

Is there a difference between acoustic and electric guitar tabs?
Can you get tabs for a song that you know was originally electric and play it on a acoustic guitar? (and vice versa)Can i please have some Guitar Tabs Help? (electric)?
Well basically, i know about threads and all that junk and G string and so on but i wanna play some songs, so i went on a site and it had it all in guitar tabs and i dont understand. Explanation and example please which will be most appreciated :) FRET NOT THREAD SORRYElectric guitar tabs!!?
hey everyone im TRYING to learn to play my new electric guitar.. but im totally stuck! im the dumbest beginner ever..i mean i cant figure anything out right now i need help figurin out guitar tabs suppose if something goes like this E _______4__________ where am i supposed to play the E string? on the fourth fret ?? or shud i be pressing down the E string on the fourth fret and picking above the pick ups hope u understand my question lol im really messed up thnx a lot even for reading :pWhere is a good site to find electric guitar tabs?
I am in a band and I need electric guitar tabs that are free. Please help!!!Looking 4 easy electric guitar tabs ?
i no how to read tabs but i now really need to practice on learn to play more so does anyone know some really cool and easy guitar song.

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