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Blank Tab Sheets : White Gold
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Is learning guitar with only tabs and simple chords bad?
so i had a substitute teacher in music class today (we play guitar) and i was just jamming with my friends and he came along and asked me how i learned to play. he apparently is a guitarist himself. anyways i told him i just looked up the tabs. then he said , "dont learn guitar with tabs. you will never learn anything." and i thought about that for a bit. it made me feel like playing with tabs is just playing what the paper tells you to, but you dont really know what you are doing (like, what note or chord you are playing, for example) does that make sense? haha does anyone feel this way? do you think i should get some real guitar lessons to actually understand what i am doing, or are tabs and simple chords sufficient enough to become great at guitar? (and compose your own songs?) i want to learn how to play fingerstyle guitar (Sungha Jung is my inspiration. we're the same age!), and i feel like to be a good fingerstyle guitarist, you should at least know what you are doing right? *no offence to anyone that only plays with tabs. this is just my opinion.How do you follow a guitar tab that looks like this?
copy and paste this link, im trying to learn this song on bass but i dont under stand how to play it with how the tabs are laid out i understand that you have to tune it to drop d i dont understand how its goes like ---------3--|-------4 (example) does the bar in the middle change any thing?Can someone make me a TAB?
I have some sheet music on a PDF file (on guitar), but I can not translate sheet music to actual playing. If I gave you the file could you make me TABS? (Oh and if there's 3 different instruments, all I need is the middle guitar translated.)Duz any1 know a free online website that lets u create and print sheet music?
Ive herd of finale but u cant get a free version of it that will actually work if ther is NO FREE SITE,,, then will some1 give me a few cheap 1s. I dnt need 2 do much. I got drum tabs off the internet and theyr hard 2 site read so i got a book with blank staff paper but my handwriting is just as hard 2 read as a tab =PWhat is a book with empty music sheets called?
My ex once bought me one of these and it was really cool, it was vertical with a black plastic spiral kind of binding. It was a hardcover with a cool design of a drawn-on guitar and music measures. The color was all much like burnt paper and she got it for around $40 at Barnes and Nobels three years ago. If anyone can help me find one like it or the exact one, I'd honestly feel so grateful. Thank you all.

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