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Back In Black guitar tabs!!?
I'm trying to teach myself Back In Black on the side of everything I'm doing with lessons and crap but I can't find the right tabs anywhere!! Every time I play one, it doesn't sound right so has anyone found guitar tabs for Black In Black?? Thanks!! <3 <3 <3 Oh, and I've been teaching myself Highway To Hell also, but somethings a little off, so if you find that, too, let me know!Back in black guitar tabs ?
i need some really easy guitar tabs for the song back in black by ac/dcBack in black on guitar ?
can anyone give me a link for the correct tab of back in black by AC DC on guitar Simple ACDC back in black taps?
Can you give me some short simple guitar tabs for back in black by acdc. thanksGuitar tab for Metallica - Fade to Black?
Does anyone have an accurate tab for Metallica Fade to Black? I know all the intro, the verses, but I don't know the interlude solo, the end solo, or the backing to the end solo. Highest priority is the backing to the end solo :) Thanks. Don't tell me where to look, because I've already looked everywhere 10 points to the person who provides me the best link.. 2 points to the idiots who aren't helping at all.

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