guitar tablature sheet music

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Questions & Answers :

I need help translating sheet music to guitar tablature?
So, I found music for a song that I like, but unfortunately the song is in Japanese. After hunting all over the net, I was unable to find any guitar tab for it. I finally found the piano music for the part I'd like to play, but I'm having trouble turning it into tab. Is there a program I can run it through to get closest tone on the actual notes? When I say "tone" there, I mean the closest E to the one in the song rather than just any one in general. I have the sheet music and MIDI.Free guitar sheet music?
Does anyone know a site that offers free guitar music and solos written on staffs, and not as tablature? I can read sheet music fine, but tabs confuse me. Thanks!Learning guitar sheet music?
When I was going to guitar classes I loved reading and learning tablature but now that I'm not going anymore I miss it. Are there any programs for learning sheet music? Any good books to pick up? Anything?Reading Sheet Music on guitar?
How important is it to learn Reading sheet music on guitar and whats the point/advantages of learning to read the sheet music. and is it hard to learn to read itHow do you read guitar sheet music?
i just started playing guitar. i learned about 15 chords, but i really want to learn how to read sheet music. i've never played an instrument before, so i have NO idea how to do it. i dont know the different pitches, the beats, ect. any information or tips/good websites? thank you :.

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