guitar tablature paper

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Guitar tablature?
What will I need to have in order to play my guitar and have what I'm playing be automatically tabbed into a file.What's the difference between guitar tablature and guitar chords?
What's the difference between guitar tablature and guitar chords? Which is which and what is what? Thank you :) Question about guitar tablature and music?
I want to play a song, but i dont like reading music, i had a paper that showed me what note was what with tablature, but i lost it. Can someone give me a site or help me with telling me which note is what on tab?? In case it helps, the song i want to know how to play is Thunder from Boys like Girls.Where can I get lead guitar tabs for Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult?
I've looked on countless tablature websites and all they have is the chords. I would like tabs for the lead guitar part that plays over the chords through the whole song, but especially the riff at about 1:40 in the song.How to write a guitar note progression on paper?
Should i write it as tablature on internet or somehow else ?sry for bad englis.

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