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Any place I can print out flashcards for beginning guitar?
I have a rather terrible memory, and I can't really remember anything. I need flashcards for: Notes on the fret board in first position Basic chords anything else that would be helpful I've been practicing for a year already, but I haven't got anything down yet. Thanks for any help. Not tablature. Just flashcards. But that seems really cool. Like cards witha diagram of the first postion guitar, and with the name of the note on the back.What is a book with empty music sheets called?
My ex once bought me one of these and it was really cool, it was vertical with a black plastic spiral kind of binding. It was a hardcover with a cool design of a drawn-on guitar and music measures. The color was all much like burnt paper and she got it for around $40 at Barnes and Nobels three years ago. If anyone can help me find one like it or the exact one, I'd honestly feel so grateful. Thank you all.Is the Macbook Air good for college?
I am searching for a laptop for school as I will be starting college this year. I want a computer that is easily toted around yet durable. I will mainly be using the laptop to take notes in class and write papers for school but also plan on using it for recreational purposes such as listening to/downloading music, browsing the web, and storing guitar tablature. I am not a gamer and don't plan to do any video editing. I was originally attracted to the asus u46e-bal7 because of its slim build and its I7 processor. It can get it for around $700. However, I have also been looking at the macbook air. Would the 11 inch Macbook air be practical but yet still be able to reasonably perform what I ask of it? I'm aware that it has no optical drive but this does not seem like a huge issue to me as it has the optical drive sharing technology and I wouldn't use it much anyway. Many recomend the macbook pro but I would rather not spend any more than $1000 and I wouldn't use all of its capabilities. Do you think the Macbook air is right for me or should I go with the cheaper priced asus?Some questions about being a famous guitarist?
Hi everyone, It's been my one and only dream to be a famous guitarist. Slash is my idol, I'm only 15 so you might be hearing just a few things that will make you mutter "In your dreams " but I just wanna ask. If I want to be a famous guitarist, I need to get a few things straight. 1. I have a kind of style - I am influenced by Slash alot so I have some small elements of his in my style, I am letting his own stlye influence my own, not copy it if you were going to comment. But, I need a stage name, I was thinking about Chaos because I use that name for alot of things on the internet and stuff but I don't know if people would dig that or not. 2. I would really love to make a solo album, for example, how did someone like Slash come up with the songs? Did he write them, lyrics and all and look for a singer, or did he choose to collaborate with an artist who wrote a song and Slash did the solos? Does anyone have any idea of how he created the songs on his album? I am asking because I can't write songs as a whole very well. At the moment all I can do is improvise guitar solos for a song. 3. This isn't really nessesary but I think it would be really cool to have an icon or symbol to represent me. For example (yes Slash again lol) Slash draws a skull and thats kind of a signature thing. Is there anywhere I could create my own? Or do you guys have an idea to go with my stage name or anything you've thought up? One final thing - I don't want to be or copy Slash, I am just inspired by his style achievements and I hope someday I will have a style of my own and achieve things too. Rock on! \m/ :) lol obviously I spend time practising, its the most important thing in order to get known, I know that! Oh yeah, what I do right now is when I'm playing around with the guitar I make up riffs and I write them in tabs in a notebook I know everyone, Chaos isn't a great name and it's most likely I won't use it, I'm just trying to think up ideas Ok I've realised I have to set some things straight here, I don't want to be famous just for the hell of it, I want to be famous for my music, so it can be cherished by me and other people.

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