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Guitar Tablature Versus Standard Music Notation - Which Should You Learn? : Spinditty
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Where can I learn to read musical notation as well as guitar tablature?
I need help regarding Guitar Tablature to Music Notation, I get so many issues.. Please help?
The way that the Music notes have no specific place on the Treble marker. I don't understand how the same symbol for a totally different number fret/string is right.. Please help. No links, I just need instruction through text.How to read guitar tablature?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how you know what note to play in this guitar tablature (Where the number is). Thanks for any answers! | C C/Bb |F/A Fm/Ab |C/G Am D7 G7e-----|--------3----1---0------3----1---0--------------0---------------|b-----|--1------------------1--------------1-------1------1--3---------|g-0-2-|*---------------------------------------2-----------------0--2-*|d-----|*--------------------------------------------------------------*|a-----|----------------------------------------------------------------|e-----|----------------------------------------------------------------| ________________ | 2.e-0---------------|b-----1--3--------|g-------------0-2-|d-----------------|a-----------------|e-----------------| Thanks alot Jim B!Guitar standard notations?
what is a website where is it EASY to learn guitar notations (standard) or could you explain it 2 meIs learning how to read music notation rather than just sticking with guitar tablature really necessary?
Lately I haven't really been doing much actual playing on my guitar, but instead I've started trying to learn how to read music notation rather than just tabs. My boyfriend tells me that it's just a waste of time, but I'm really not sure of what to think. I'm kinda in the middle at the moment. Any advice.

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