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The Shadows Guitar Legends TAB Music Book Hank Marvin : eBay
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Can someone help me with reading guitar tablature on the internet?
Im having a hard time figuring out how to read the notes and codes etc.What Do R Mean In Bass Guitar Tabs?
im 100% bass guitar player noob just start so yea, what do r mean next to a number on tabs for EXP: please dont say bass is noob yes i kno id rather play regular guitar but yea i got offered to play bass and also how do i do it?Trying to learn to play the guitar online
i need some help!! okay to start, i found some sites that help when tuning the guitar but when you are tuning it to make what you're hearing.. do you hold a chord down like the third one? and tabs.. can you please explain to me how to read those lol thnx for your help!Do you read music or use tablature?
Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Pavoratti, and Billy Sheehan have all admitted that they do not/did not know how to read music. They are legends but should we call them musicians or performers?Were they just lazy and decided to memorize the music they heard? You mean to tell me that if I asked Billy Sheehan to play a B flat on his bass that he would be unable to play it or even show me which fret the note is found on?Guitar tab help !!!!!!!!!?
This is part of a guitar tab but i don't understand it .SOLO ~~~~~~ E|-----------------7--|--9b(10)-----------------------------| B|----------7^h10-----|----------------~~-------------------| G|--9b(11)------------|----------9^h11^p9--7--9--9b(11)--7--| D|--------------------|-------------------------------------| A|--------------------|-------------------------------------| E|--------------------|-------------------------------------| where it shows (10) in brackts or (11) should i hammer on these notes or just play them ? or just not play them at all . what does this mean ^.

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