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Questions & Answers :

How to play "Hotel California" on guitar?
i dont like chords so just say the string(s) to play and what fret(s) to play at with which finger(s). I also want to know how to play "smoke on the water" the same way. PLZ HELP ME !!!!!!!!Guitar players only:"Hotel California" tab?
OK, I've been trying to find a good tablature of "Hotel California" by Eagles, but none of those I found so far seems to be exactly the way they play it. Can you recommend me some?Hotel California guitar solo, where can I hear it slowed down?
I read staff, and tablature but I also learn by ear I'm just dying to learn this solo!!!! I can easily hear something on the radio and play it back on the guitar but this solo is super fast I can't keep up!! On You Tube they have loads of slowed-down versions of Hotel California, but they're all covers. Is there anywhere on the internet where I can hear the original guitar solo slowed down?? Thanks if you can help!To the lead guitarists, please send me the tablature of the song Hotel california solo lead guitar?
i like the old version of the lead guitar only. the one after " but you can never leave " at Bm i have seen the latest version, a lot of them here, but i prefer the original solo lead version. Thanks in advanceHow do I read guitar tabs?
I've been playing guitar for a year now but I am still confused by guitar tabs like this: Can someone please explain to me how to read these.

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