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Guitar : guitar tablature exercises Guitar Tablature ; Guitar Tablature Exercisesu201a Guitar
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Good guitar book for left hand finger exercises and/or chord exercises?
I'm currently learning classical guitar and while I do not have a problem with my right hand (playing fingerstyle by the way) I ALWAYS have problems with my left not quite catching on. Some random stranger with a guitar I met while commuting home showed me this neat book about a week ago .the book had a whole bunch exercises in it and uh I'll describe as best I can: -It wasn't in tablature (I'd actually have to read the notation) -It showed all the p i m a fingerings above the notes -and I think it was blue and white .. Don't know if it was specifically for classical guitar or not, but I do know that I'd love to find out what it's called exactly. Can someone help me out with this? Best answer for the best/right answer :)How do i get better at guitar at the very beginning?
Im 16 and i just started playing guitar. Ive been trying to learn chords and do tablature exercises. I have a lot of trouble changing from chord to chord. What should i be doing to get better control of my fingers and to be able to do chord changes?What are the guitar exercises to be a good guitarist?
please help meHow will i learn guitar more easy?
i know how a little but not good enoughHelp learning guitar?
Hey, I've been learning guitar for a few months now and I'm not sure how to progress further. There are definite things I can think of that I can work on but I'm not sure what is best to do to become a better guitarist in the long run. At this point, I've been devoting my energies to learning new songs from youtube and tabs and just practicing those songs and playing them for my family. I can't read sheet music and I'm not sure if that is imperative at this point or not. Also my dexterity when playing is a little lacking sometimes. Sometimes I'll watch youtube videos about different things on the guitar and they'll talk about scales or different things like that and I have no idea about any music theory so I can't really understand. So what I'm saying is, what should I work on? Should I continue learning songs and gradually progress that way? Should I work on learning music and music theory? Should I practice finger exercises and picking exercises to improve dexterity? Or something else? Or some combination of all of those? Thank you very much, Guitar means a lot to me.

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