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One Call Away Charlie Puth Guitar Backing Track With Chords And Lyrics : MP3 Universal
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Questions & Answers :

What guitar chord is this called?
I want to know what this guitar chord is called For example: e-X B-7 G-6 D-7 A-5 E-XWhat is this guitar chord called?
I've been using this chord in a song I'm writing and it sounds really nice but when I go to write the chord progression down I don't know what to call it. The chord looks like this: E x B 3 G 0 D 4 A 5 E x So yeah, what would it be called? D something?What is this guitar chord called?
2 0 0 2 3 3What are these guitar chords called?
I've learned these chords from a girl online who I like to listen to. I don't know what's their called though. Chord number 1: just like G, but bring fingers 1 and 2 down a string. Chord number 2: start in G, and bring your 1st finger down one string below the 2nd. Does anyone know what these chords are?What is this guitar chord call and where to find it?
im looking for acoustic guitar chords.i doesn't want it to sound solid.i want it smooth and able to strum all the 6 string chords.example below. E)--0--0--0--0-------------| B)--0--0--0--0-------------| G)--6--2--1--4-------------| D)--6--2--2--4-------------| A)--4--0--2--2-------------| E)--------0----------------| mostly these chords are use by boyslikegirls acoustic songs or nevershout never or the academy is acoustic. pls give me a best answers thanks!!.

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