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Where would I find lyrics to Philippine Xmas songs please?
Must be Tagalog or Visayan Xmas songs. Preferably with guitar chords.Guitar Chords Please?
I am trying to learn songs from the album: let it snow baby, let it reindeer, by relient k, but I can't find the chords/tabs for like half the songs, including god rest ye merry gentlemen, and O holy night. Does anyone know the tabs for these? Yes I've tried ultimate guitar, and youtube, and just googled it, but it didn't come up with itI Want to play song for Mom on Guitar for xmas ~PLEASE HELP ME!?
I play the guitar, and my mom loves hearing me play since I haven't taken lessons or done much with it for about 4 years now. I'm looking for a song (or two) that I can play for her to show her how much she means to me. Our family consists of just the two of us, so I want to tell her how great she is. The only one I keep thinking of is Somebody's Hero by Jamie O'Neal, but it doesn't really fit, only part of it, not the wedding or growing old cause i'm only 16. Are there any other songs that would fit good? Also, they dont' have to be country, but not rap or anything, like country if not country. Thankx a bunch! PS: I've seen other questions like mine with really good songs, but there about how a parent would feel about a kid, I'm looking for the opposite, how I feel about her. ThankxI just got my first guitar for xmas, all the songs I want to play are power chords, do I need drop d tuning?
If so, a video guide would be wonderful.Chords to christmas songs?
If anyone knows the chords to popular xmas songs (jingle bells, silent night, we wish you a merry xmas) i would love to have them, ive been looking around on the internet but the ones i find dont sound righ.

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