guitar chords with picture

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Send me the pictures of basic Guitar chords?
Is there any body who can send me the pictures of basic Guitar chords? Hey I want to learn to play guitar But there is no tutor here. so , pls help me to learn it easiely Please Help me to learn it.What do the circles and X's mean on the top of a GUITAR CHORD drawing? [picture inside]? chords (picture please?)?
do you know what the guitar chords are?? haa sry i want to learn how to play. i am getting a guitar tomorrow. picture that shows the letters and chords would help?? yess maybe? i am soo lostt. i want a picture of showing the chords letters?Guitar chords?
where can i learn guitar chords online ??? i bought myself a guitar yesturday but i play nothing am depressed )))Where can I find guitar chords for 'Picture Frames' by Georgia Fair?
I live in Australia and all I can find are the guitar tabs but I want the chords. Can anyone give me the chords straight up or a site link?.

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