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Easy Guitar Chords : Basic Guitar ChordsAfter getting their hand on 6 strings, these are ...
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HELP! Left Handed Guitar Chords?
So I finally just got my guitar. It is a lefty guitar. I simply just want to learn some chords or notes. And any beginner songs would be fantastic!!:) Please get back to me, ASAP. :)I am learning guitar but the chords hand position is awkward and tough to memorize and go to.. any tips?
I am learning guitar but I am having issues with my finger positions for the chords and also memorizing them. Is this normal for a beginner? It feels awkward trying to press the chords.How does a person with small hands play some guitar chords?
I have extremely small hands (i.e., I can barely play an octave on the piano) and very recently I started trying to learn how to play the guitar. The problem is, though, that I find I can't play some of the chords that require me to hold all of the strings down with my first finger. How do I overcome this? In proportion to the rest of my hand, I have long fingers. Should I use this to my advantage? Is so, how? Thanks!Guitar: Power Chord Hand problems?
I can play power chords quite fluently, but theres one thing Im worrying about I can only play them fluently becuase I use my index finger and my pinky finger to play them. I know that most people use their index finger and their ring finger to play Power Chords, but I just cant seem to do it I have these annoyingly small hands :( So my question is: Is it ok for me to continue playing Power Chords with my Index and Pinky fingers? Or is it neccasary for me to start learning to use my index and my ring finger? Thanks :)Left-handed beginner guitar chords?
I got my guitar 5 days ago. I'm going to get lessons, but that won't be likely to happen for a while. I'm trying to find left-handed beginner chords. I can find beginner chords, but I can't seem to find left handed ones. I know i can just turn them uside-down or whatever, but that's not going to help me to learn how to read chords; I wanna do it properly. So if you know any good sites, I would appreciate if you gave me some links. (no google search links please.

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