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Left-handed beginner guitar chords?
I got my guitar 5 days ago. I'm going to get lessons, but that won't be likely to happen for a while. I'm trying to find left-handed beginner chords. I can find beginner chords, but I can't seem to find left handed ones. I know i can just turn them uside-down or whatever, but that's not going to help me to learn how to read chords; I wanna do it properly. So if you know any good sites, I would appreciate if you gave me some links. (no google search links please)Left handed & playing guitar?
I really want to learn to play guitar. I am left handed, how will this effect my playing? Do I need a left handed guitar or can I just string a guitar backwards to make it work?Since I'm a left-handed guitarist, should I get a left-handed chord book or just decipher right-handed chords?
I have a left-handed book for left-handed guitars, but should I get a left-handed chord book? Because I know I won't be seeing left-handed chords on sheet music unless I draw the pictures.Pictures of guitar playing. positions ofleft hands?
im trying to learn guitar, but when i play a chord, my hand isnt able to like, reach and get my hand in the right position. can someone give me pictures of how to hold it in my left hand.Jazz(y) chords for guitar?
can u please tell me the names to some nice jazzy(y) chords for guitar also tabs would be great but please no links if u want to do tabs can u please write them like this? x00232 (d) etc thank.

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