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Guitar chord variations?
I am aware that there are different variations for a specific chord and i couldnt help but notice that when play them they differ a little bit from each other. Am i just not doing it right or are they supposed to sound a little different?What are the names of these guitar chord variations?
Amaj? 3 2 2 2 0 x Gmaj? 2 0 0 0 2 3I don't understand guitar chord variations or how to figure out exactly how many variations there are to any?
I don't understand guitar / piano chord variations or how to figure out exactly how many variations there are to any particular chord? ( In standard tuning) So if theres a website or if somebody could easily explain, it'd be greatly appreciatedVariations in Guitar Chords?
I was looking up some chords on some websites and they had variations for each chord .like 5 variations for B Minor. Some variations are at the top of the fretboard and some or near the bottom. How do i know which one is the one i need to play.Best guitar chord books, with inversions and variations?
I've been playing guitar for years and George Harrison is kind of my idol. Anyway although I can play a lot of stuff, my knowledge of the instrument is limited. I know my fair share of chords, all the main ones at least and certain variations but I want to learn more. I want to learn inversions, understand how shapes transform up the neck. Same chords inverted higher and higher. Does anyone know a book that can teach me all chords and variations, with inversions etc. I know a lot of information can be found online but I have a difficult time learning off web screens, I'd rather have something in paper form I can pick up and read.

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