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What guitar chords and ukulele chords go together?
I started playing guitar almost a year ago and my buddie I play with has been playing his ukulele more often. I'd like to have a nice jam session but they don't work as well together as I would have thought. Do they go together? And if so, any tips of chords that work well between the two? I tried to find something but my searches only bring up chord converters. Thanks, much love.Ukulele chords for the Sailor moon Theme?
I've been searching around the internet for the chords for Moonlight Densetsu but to no avail -_- I'm sort of a beginner, but I would love to play that song as well as any Ghibli themes too. Thank you to anyone that can help me out ^_^Can anyone help me? (ukulele question :)?
Can anyone change these guitar chords into ukulele ones? Thank you!! Oh What A Day by Ingrid Michaelson (capo on first fret) C Fm Oh what a day is today C Fm G Nothing can stand in my way F G C C7 Now that you've shipped out from under my skin Fm G C I think I'm ready to win Oh what a night is tonight I think I'm ready to fight Now that my broken bones all have been healed I think I'm starting to feel F G C Something good F G C C7 Something good Fm G C C7 F G C Now that you're gone I can roll on to something good (same as first two verses) Oh what a way that we die Plenty of tears were supplied My eyes are wrung out and dry as a bone And I taste much better alone Something good Something good Now that you're gone I can roll onto something good Fm C Oh you know I moved away Fm F D7 From the other side of the door G2 G F G C I don't have to wait anymore for you to come home F G C C7 Something good Fm G C C7 F G C Now that you're gone I can roll on to something good F G C Something goodWhere can I find music for the ukulele that isn't just chords?

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