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Guitar chords? Simple question
Alright, so I was looking at the chords for Cry by the Veronicas, and it looks like this D All my life you've had an opinion E G D Doin things for the wrong reasons D Don't you know I think for myself now and so on. So, I understand what it's saying (sort of) but when I watch other people play it they're doing so many strums, how do I know when to strum? Like, according to this, it'd be 'dun' All my life you've had an opinion. 'dun' Doin things 'dun' for the wrong reasons. 'dun' but when others play it it's like 'dun dun dun dun dun dun dun' You know? And it sounds like an actual song. does that make sense? So I'm wondering how to know the rhythm and when to strum with the chords. I hope that makes sense. Where can I learn simple guitar chords?
I have a guitar, but have never taken any lessons. And unfortunately, I'm not one of those talented play by ear sort of people. So where can I go, website wise, to find simple guitar chords to start playing and even maybe create a simple song of my own or two?Simple guitar chords to start me off?
the only song I can play is twinkle twinkle little star. I haven't been playing that long but I'm having trouble finding guitar chords for beginers. so what's the simplest song to play?Help me find d simple guitar chord for this songg..?
i just learn how to play guitar..other words im begginer..n there's one song that i really like called" forever love" by gary barlow..can anyone give me a veryyy..very simple guitar chord for this song Guitar chords?
i heard these simple chords on the tv show Zoey 101 heres the link to hear them..the chords start on 5:08 i've never played guitar before but i have one and a book on how to play the if you could please explain it as broadly as possible..or if this would work, just say which strings/frets to hold down. THANKS SO MUCH.

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