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Rythm guitar chords for rock metal?
Hi what chords should i learn if im playing with distrition? Most chords dont sound good with distotrion. Also what are some good songs that i can play as a rythm guitar player. ThanksGuitar chord question- early rock rhythm?
here's my problem- i see a lot of chords on and other sites for chucks songs, but when i see him play, his hands hardly move. seriously, he may move two fingers, but that's it, and he appears to only hit a few strings at a time only in down strokes. how is it that i see at least 5 different chords in the tabs, but don't see this in videos of chuck? also, with these tab chords the lyrics are on a page and above the words are the chords, with no info but the letter (ei. C) with no info other than that. what do i do here? rhythms- where can i find a good source for chucks rhythms, as I just don't get these tabs?"Hawaiian" guitar chords? Surf rock chords?
Hello! I'm looking for either some mellow "hawaiian" chords to back my friends ukulele or some surf rock for the beach this weekend.Can I have the Guitar Tab or Chords for SchoolHouse Rock?
I need to know the chords for the school house rock constituion preamble Can anyone find it? easy points!!What are the best guitar chords for like pop rock/ punk rock?

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